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Customer Support is a critical piece of every business and we at ResellerClub recognize that your support to your customers is closely tied in with how well we can address any issues you face when you resell our products. Beyond technical expertise, support calls for presence of mind and application and here is an instance where our support executive had to rely on these qualities to tackle an issue faced by our reseller. Our reseller, Mr K K Majumdar, faced an issue related to verification, while purchasing a Digital Certificate and Nitesh Kotian, from our support team came to his rescue by defusing the situation and minimizing delay in the verification process.

Our Support Executive:
Nitesh Kotian has been with ResellerClub for almost 3 years. He started as an Operations Assistant and now handles the role of Web Solutions Expert. He is also an amateur photographer who clicks pictures in spare time.

Nitesh  Kotian

The Issue:
Our Reseller, K K Majumdar who has been with us for a long time, ordered a Digital Certificate for one of his domain names which belongs to a bank. Generally, a certificate issuance takes 2-3 days as the certificate provider verifies the customers’ identity by calling on a telephone number listed on a public directory. However, in this case, the number which was listed wasn’t monitored by individuals responsible for the bank’s web property maintenance and the publicly listed numbers led to the call centers of the bank where the executives wouldn’t be in a position to complete the verification. The numbers on which the verification could have been completed were not accepted by the certificate provider as they are not listed anywhere. This led to a delay in the verification and issuance of the certificate.

The Complication:
Verification by POL can be done only for Web Server Certificate and not for SSL123, which the reseller had purchased.

Our Solution:
Since an unreasonable amount of time was getting wasted in the process, the Escalations Team came into picture and that’s where Nitesh took the onus of resolving the issue. Mr Majumdar had been quite inconvenienced by the delay and Nitesh was determined to make sure that the certificate is issued as soon as possible. Mr Majumdar has purchased a lot of certificates previously and this was the very first time that faced any such issues.
Nitesh got in touch with Mr Majumdar over a call to understand the entire situation in order to take the necessary step.

Mr Majumdar was asked to submit a Company POL with the name of a Chartered Accountant and his Membership Number (It’s globally accepted as it’s mentioned on the official website of “The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India” and hence considered valid for verification). Mr Majumdar had furnished all the required data but due to some issues in the POL format, it took more time before it was fixed.

After this, another issue arose – verification by POL can only be done for Web Server Certificate and not for SSL 123 which the Reseller had purchased. Nitesh was again required to speak with Mr Majumdar to get the existing order cancelled and purchase a new Web Server Certificate which does not require a telephonic verification and is also a better option for a bank, as it lends more credibility. After finding Web Server Certificate to be a more viable option, Mr Majumdar decided to purchase it.

Once he purchased the certificate, Nitesh immediately got in touch with the certificate provider to complete the verification process. Finally, after coordinating with the certificate provider and Mr Majumdar for around 2 days continuously, he was able to get the certificate issued successfully.
Relieved and happy, this is what Mr Majumdar had to say as in appreciation of Nitesh’s dedication – “I am very happy about how this issue was handled and big thanks to you for taking the ownership of this issue and getting it done as soon as possible after all the delay and confusion”