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ResellerClub’s Domain Reseller platform offers various features and options for product management through an intuitive interface at great prices which is why we are such a popular provider of domains and hosting services. However the sheer variety of options and customizations that we support, which is usually impossible at most other providers, can appear daunting to a new user at times.

We have meticulously prepared documentation that helps all of you navigate our platform and make the most of its features, but there are times when poring over pages of documents is not an option – handling an irate customer on the phone while you try to figure out configurations on your new platform is one such case. This is exactly the scenario that one of our new Resellers, Yashodhan Raj was faced with and our brilliant support team helped him bed into his ResellerClub account and tackle the issues faced by his customer!


Our Support Executive:
Vishal Desai, has been with us for over 2 and a half yrs and has helped us maintain our high standards of satisfaction amongst our resellers, when it comes to technical difficulties.

The Issue:
Yashodhan Raj found our product portfolio and pricing lucrative and hence approached our platform. Having been used to a familiar interface at his previous service providers for a long time, Yashodhan panicked as he had a customer to attend to and at the same time figure out the configurations. He was pressed for time and needed immediate assistance.
The name server added to the domain purchased by his customer was incorrect as a result of which the domain was failing to resolve. Unfamiliar with the interface and under the urgency of pressing need of his customer, he couldn’t find time to get conversant with the interface and so, contacted us for help.

The Complication:
The branded name server was registered with a third party provider and its DNS zone pointed to a third party hosting panel’s DNS zone.

Our Solution:
The technical issue in this case was relatively easier to handle, but the calmness and assurance that Vishal displayed in handling the reseller helped Yashodhan retain his customer and also helped him grasp the intricacies involved in cross platform domain management.
Vishal began by adding child name server records and A records at Yashodhan’s destination provider’s end. He explained to Yashodhan how to have branded name servers to be set as default for every new domain which is registered. After fixing the branding, he then changed the name servers of Yashodhan’s domains to his branded name servers and explained the process of adding records in the Manage DNS panel of the domain in his Reseller Account to him.
As Vishal went about solving the issue, he kept filling in Yashodhan at each step, thereby ensuring that he got a complete walk through of the platform. Once the name servers propagated completely and the domain started resolving, Yashodhan was convinced that he had made the right choice by picking ResellerClub!
Unbelievably delighted, this is what Yashodhan had to say in appreciation of our support – “I called for help – live chat – when I felt absolutely lost on the ResellerClub Control Panel. I happened to get in touch with Vishal from the support team and I’m incredibly grateful to him for his display of understanding and patience towards me! I now know the nuances of the reseller panel and my queries have been well taken care of by Vishal. I would like to congratulate ResellerClub for having the likes of Vishal in the team!”
We cannot have asked for more from Vishal! Kudos to him for his great work!