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At ResellerClub , we’ve seen you, our resellers completely transform their businesses through sheer hard work and dedication! We are truly impressed and humbled by your commitment, and are proud to have played a small role in enabling them. It is your sheer support and love that keeps us going this strong!

Ajinkya Gajbhiye, has been in the ResellerClub team only for a year now but he has mingled with us so well that it feels like he has been around for decades with us. Don’t undermine his simplicity; he is vociferous at sliding and shredding his guitar. His silent and reserved nature is compensated with his adept skills in tackling reseller issues. Gods of Guitar or Internet Underdogs; everyone has a place at ResellerClub!

Here’s a snippet from Ajinkya’s record:

Reseller: Mr. Himansshu H Singh



Majority of Mr. Singh’s client’s are customers from across the Globe. Dealing with such a widespread base of clients means that payments are mostly made through an online medium and not through physical channels. Mr Singh, was perplexed as the clients preferred to make online payments instead of depositing cheques and transferring money through NetBanking. Most of the Payment Gateways were charging a heavy transaction fees for every transaction undertaken through that respective gateway. Mr. Singh decided to consult Ajinkya and was looking for a relevant and useful solution to this predicament. Ajinkya suggested that he integrate an in-house Payment Gateway that we provide to our resellers from India. This, in-house Payment Gateway charged much lesser than all the competitors in the market and had a much less fixed as well as variable cost per transaction. Ajinkya co-ordinated with the Compliance department and setup this Payment Gateway after ensuring a quick verification for Mr. Singh’s account. In no time, this Payment gateway was setup and Mr. Singh’s account was good to go. Now, clients simply visit the SuperSite, choose and place orders and prefer this payment gateway since the transaction cost is suitable for them. Mr. Singh was glad to receive payments online, seamlessly and at a very cost effective rate, that too.

In the reseller’s own words:

“Ajinkya, my account manager has helped me on several occasions with technical queries, aiding me with instant support and the best possible solution for me and my clients. He has made me feel extremely comfortable and I feel so relieved because I know that he will solve all my queries without even an iota of hesitation. Resellerclub is a one stop shop IT solution and delivers a complete online solution coupled with outstanding customer service.”