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At ResellerClub, we are very passionate about solving issues to the extent of being labeled nit-picky. This obsession with customer satisfaction is a key factor that helps us deliver a great experience to our resellers. Our clients are extremely delighted with the services as it personally caters to their demands round the clock. We have witnessed thousands of success stories and nothing is more tempting than sharing some of these stories.

Sabari Sawant, has been with us only for 6 months now and has already mastered the tricks of the trade. She never fails to surprise us with her dexterity and she is brimming with novel ways to tackle issues that come her way. Sabari radiates a special kind of optimism that never fails to impress both us and our resellers.


I’ll let her work speak for herself:

Reseller: Mr. Anil V. Shejale

Company: Vaman People

Anil had a client that was facing several issues and encountering errors with regards to the generation of crystal records. The Company Policy regarding the IIS Trust level was changed and the domain owner was not aware of the changes that had taken place and the repercussions that he may have to face. Sabari, being aware about the new system changes noticed that this policy was not applicable for packages that had been provisioned before such changes came into being. After consulting and confirming with the Hosting Team, she reverted the settings for those orders that did not fall under the new system changes. The client was glad to have his hosting running smoothly again and Anil in turn was appreciative of the pro active steps taken by Sabari to manage these crisis and avert any unforeseen consequences or delay in the functioning of Anil’s client’s orders.

In the reseller’s own words:

“I have been with ResellerClub for more than 10 years now. It has not only ushered me into the exciting world of the Internet and websites, but has also taught me all that I needed to know. I can certainly state that I was helped along and pampered through it all by the excellent folks at ResellerClub. Over the course of my association, I’ve been assigned many account managers and each one of them has been immensely caring & helpful . Ms. Sabari Sawant has been perfect! She will go a step further, a mile more. She has a knack of anticipating her clients’ requirements, and tackling issues and demands on time. She looks into your requests or grievances, and represents your case fairly with the company to ensure that you get the best possible deal! She has helped me retain many customers and rope in my customers who come in with new product demands. I truly think that I have done amazingly well with her as my account manager, a story which has always been true over the years with ResellerClub”.


We really hope that we continue winning more hearts world over.