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Today marks a year since we started these Extra Mile posts and we have so many outstanding employees we cannot wait to write about. We are extremely proud to have employees who love what they do and go the Extra Mile to accomplish what is given to them.

Omer Baris Ayaz, our Account manager from Turkey does exactly that. He takes a keen interest in listening to each client and gains understanding of their needs, in order to direct them to the appropriate product or service. He has been at the helm at always providing valuable service to our channel partners. At ResellerClub, we aim at not only offering advice, but also providing the required support and understanding of the market to enable you to launch & run your business!



Why do we think he’s outstanding?

Reseller: Aylin Çelik

Company: Radikal Bilişim Sistemler Ltd. Şti.

Aylin’s customer was not able to send emails through his IPAD. He kept getting an error while sending emails stating ‘relaying is not allowed’. Baris had escalated it to the hosting team but they checked and could not find anything wrong with his email services as we were able to send/receive through webmail.
They asked him to check if his customers had configured the email correctly on his IPAD. Baris went through the entire process of configuration with him once but realized that even after the email is being configured correctly, the reseller was getting the same error. Baris however did not give up and assured him that it will be fixed immediately. With the help of his colleague from the Hosting team Baris investigated the issue and they found out that the emails were being blocked by the third party RBL. Aylin’s customer was able to find out the same and he whitelisted the domain from sending emails. The issue was fixed and he appreciated the efforts taken.

In the reseller’s own words:                  

I can easily count on Baris whenever I have a problem, and that makes me feel very safe and gives me the confidence to carry on my business with ease. The support is extremely quick, efficient and solution focused. Thank you so much for going out of your way and helping me out with whatever the situation is. I am forever grateful.