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As part of our constant efforts to make your experience at ResellerClub a cakewalk, we make sure that our support team is geared to give you hands-on solutions for every possible issue you may encounter in the quickest possible time. We cater to resellers all over the globe, empowering their growth and developing the markets that we operate in. In the last few years we have undertaken a comprehensive project to localize ResellerClub’s Program to serve Resellers from different countries in the best way possible. To make sure that we understand other markets better and our Resellers can interact with someone who understands their needs best, we have a remarkable Business Expansion Team.

The BE (Business Expansion) Team at ResellerClub does a brilliant job at ironing out creases, attending to Clients and instilling faith in them.

Miguel Pincerno, from São Paulo, Brazil has been with us for just 7 months now and he seems to have mastered his craft. He has made it his goal to resolve situations quickly and takes the effort to understand the client’s individual needs.



Why do we say he’s exceptional at his work?

Reseller: Mr. Leandro Santini

Company: WebVisão

Leandro is one of our largest Resellers in Brazil, who has been our partner since 2013. During these two years he has been continuously increasing the amount of business that he does with us.  Miguel has been of great help assisting Mr. Leandro and providing workable quick solutions thus enabling his business to grow to what it is today. He in fact recently migrated from SuperSite to our API. Miguel helped him in this process working closely with him and his developer. The turnaround time for quick solutions and assistance was extremely short from both Miguel and the API Team, answering numerous calls and questions for a seamless API implementation. Thanks to Miguel, the client’s entire domain registration system is based on our API.

In the reseller’s own words:

“Since we started our partnership with ResellerClub we noticed that they really care about customer support. Recently we migrated from SuperSite to ResellerClub’s API platform to register and renew domains. During the implementation process we had Miguel with us to clarify all our doubts which helped us to finish the migration very quickly. He helped us with the API calls promptly, talking directly with my developer when we needed. Now we are using the API system and I congratulate everybody, especially Miguel for his attention since the beginning.”