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At ResellerClub, we firmly believe in encouraging young and fresh talent, and at the same time, we also value experience. Our support team is what it is because of the incredible members who have been around for long, and understand the length and breadth of the industry. In this post, we’ll introduce you to our veteran BizDev team member, Arsalan Khan.

Arsalan has been at ResellerClub for about half a decade and is a pro in the truest sense! His knowledge and experience in business development have just increased in value over the years and our resellers can’t stop raving about this champ!


Here’s why Arsalan Khan is fondly referred to as the hero of many a reseller’s story:

Reseller: Mr. Sunny Deshmukh

Company: Webdude Solutions

Sunny’s association with ResellerClub goes back to 2012, when he had a reseller account with us. He had tried our Linux Hosting package back then but was a little unsatisfied with the support, he chose to delete his reseller account. It wasn’t too long before our paths crossed again; it was slightly hard to reinstill Sunny’s faith in us and to convince him to give it one more shot and purchase another hosting package from us. However, Arsalan assured him of outstanding support and convinced him to come on our platform once again. He made sure everything went on smoothly and Sunny was kept informed at every step. He only went ahead and purchased a package because he had faith in Arsalan and payoff it did!

In the reseller’s own words:

“My Account Manager, Arsalan, is superb! He has vast knowledge about technology and the products. I’m also particularly impressed with the response time. Arsalan is an extremely helpful person. The support I got from him was brilliant and I can say with confidence, it’s unmatched. Over all, I am really happy with the service, and as a result of the seriousness & sincerity displayed by the ResellerClub team, I have been able to repose my confidence in ResellerClub once again.”

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