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At ResellerClub, you can be sure about leaving your product provisioning & management in safe hands and find yourself with more time to develop your business 🙂 We take great pride in the fact that across the globe, thousands of people have embraced us and are our happy resellers! Nothing gives us more satisfaction than being able to play a role in the growth of our clients’ business and serve them better every time.

Nakul Aggarwal has been at ResellerClub for just a year and has been making waves with his fantastic way of handling client enquiries and making them comfortable once on our platform. Not one to go by a one-size-fits-all approach, Nakul treats every business differently and offers personalized advice and solutions.

Read on to know what our resellers have to say about Nakul, a consummate professional in our ranks:

Reseller: Mr. Hanish Kapoor

Company: M M Designs Network Pvt Ltd

Hanish needed assistance with Business Email. One of his accounts, globalhorizon.com, was not working; the emails were not getting sent. Nakul understood the gravity of the issue and took it up while on a call with Hanish. Nakul was able to quickly diagnose it and with right guidance from him, Hanish was able to rectify the glitch. What could be a potential hindrance to his business was immediately taken care of by our resourceful rep, Nakul!

In the reseller’s own words:

“I’m thrilled at the kind of support I received from ResellerClub and for that, my heartiest thanks to Nakul, who was extremely patient while I explained my problem and was

prompt with a solution for the same! I’m quite impressed by the team’s skill and empathy towards their clients. Great going!”

Reseller: Mr. Jitender Singh Tomar

Company: InfiniteGuru Business Consultants Pvt Ltd

Jitender was looking for the best service provider for his web products business. He stumbled upon ResellerClub and got in touch with Nakul from our team. He was quite happy and satisfied with the product knowledge that Nakul had to offer. After having spoken to him, Jitender’s trust and faith in our organization grew and he felt he had every reason to move to the ResellerClub platform to expand his business further. This, he believes, was a good decision he made for an upward graph of his company. At present, he is really pleased with the kind of products and services we offer along with the cooperation and service at ResellerClub.

In the reseller’s own words:

“I want to express my appreciation for the services and support that have come my way from ResellerClub. All the products are priced in the most competitive way and have superb specifications. This coupled with brilliant people in the team, like Nakul, makes a reseller’s work easier. Looking forward to going a really long way with ResellerClub! Wish them the best in all their endeavours”

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