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At ResellerClub, our mission is to enable your businesses, empower your growth and develop the markets that we operate in. We go that extra mile to ensure our customers are comfortable and their businesses receive maximum benefits from our program. To excel in this endeavour, our champions from the BizDev team play a pivotal role as they play the bridge between client requirements, platform abilities and industry best practices.

Mrinal Rishiraj, since his inclusion to the BizDev team, has been playing a pivotal role in the growth and progress of many a reseller’s business. He’s been around for hardly a year and has heads turning with his sheer professionalism and passion and we can’t stop raving about him!


Here’s why Mrinal is a superhero for our resellers:

Reseller: Mr. Sandeep Kumar

Company: Complete IT Solutions

Sandeep, who was quite unhappy with his previous service provider, decided to approach ResellerClub. When Mrinal spoke with him for the first time, he assured Sandeep of a much better, focused and efficient support from ResellerClub. He also understood the nature and needs of his business and accordingly offered him the plan best suited to it and also got his hosting migration completed within 24 hours of the migration request. Mrinal was quick to escalate any technical issue which Sandeep faced in order to get it resolved at the earliest. The initial smooth ride through our platform helped Mrinal gain Sandeep’s trust and now Sandeep is looking at a long a fruitful relationship with Resellerclub.

In the reseller’s own words:

I was a Reseller at one of the competitors of ResellerClub. I was not quite satisfied with the level of service and support I was getting over there. So, I got in touch with ResellerClub. When I think of it, I realise it was the best thing I did for my business. The level of Tech and Sales Support I have received at ResellerClub has been quite exemplary and Mrinal has played a big role in this. He assured me that I need not worry about anything. Furthermore, he was really convincing which prompted me to purchase a Hosting Package for 36 months at one go and again, that was a great decision. The entire migration process from my previous provider to ResellerClub was very smooth. All I had to do was fill up the migration form and send it back to Mrinal. With great help and constant follow up from Mrinal and the Support Team, all my issues were attended to very diligently. All in all, it has been a great experience with ResellerClub in a very professional environment and I’m sure this will go a long way!

Reseller: Mr. Hamid Ahadi

Company: UK Host Solution

Hamid is a Reseller from the U.K. He was very interested in our VPS hosting plans and was very happy with our pricing. He decided to go with the VPS 6 package. Thanks to the efficiency of the migration team, his process got completed before the designated time. Hamid had a few issues and questions regarding WHMCS integration and Mrinal was of utmost help to him, he also made Hamid get in touch with the WHMCS support team for a better understanding. Mrinal was on his toes till the issue was resolved. Hamid has been very happy with ResellerClub as a whole and has purchased an array of products since then.

In the reseller’s own words:

“It’s been two months since I have been a Reseller with ResellerClub. When I joined them, they were running a promo for their Hosting Products making the prices one of the best anyone had to offer. I wanted to purchase a Hosting Product which gives me root access. Hence, I went for their VPS 6 package, as suggested by Mrinal, who was assigned as my account manager. From the first day of me joining ResellerClub till now, Mrinal has handled every issue that I have faced, in a very efficient way. He helped me purchase the product and get accustomed with the ResellerClub platform. I faced a few issues with WHMCS integration which got resolved quicker than I could spell ‘issue’, thanks to Mrinal promptness! I have been very happy with the services which I have got from ResellerClub. A big thumbs up to anyone who is planning to be a part of this group!”