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Setting up a business is a challenging task but at ResellerClub, you always have the endless support and backing of our amazing Account Managers, who look out for your business. However the step prior to that – getting your business idea and helping you make up your mind on the right platform and the right products is where our BizDev team helps you.

Vidhi Shah has been at ResellerClub for almost 4 years and has an unparalleled knack of understanding what exactly a Web Services Provider is looking for and accordingly explaining to him why and which aspects of our reseller program are the best option for him/her.


Here’s a leaf from Vidhi’s BizDev book:

Reseller: Mr. Vijay Maishe

Company: Metabig Media

Vijay was a little lost when he wanted to commence his web products business. As our control panel was a new platform for him, it understandably made him slightly anxious. While he tried to adapt himself to the interface, Vidhi helped him set up his account and took care of his branding and pricing related queries. She was constantly on call with him and she walked him through the control panel, its most important features and the entire purchase process – right from buying a domain name to buying a hosting package. Vidhi also helped Vijay get acquainted with the latest products, product features and profit margins. She explained to him why it is important to have a customer account and also helped him create one.

In the reseller’s own words:

“I’m very glad to have decided to join hands with ResellerClub for all my domain and hosting needs. Vidhi played a rather important role in deciding whether or not to go ahead with ResellerClub. With respect to my hosting needs, I was really confused amongst the various plans that ResellerClub offered but thanks to Vidhi, who provided me direction and patiently explained the difference between each plan and helped me zero in on a plan that made sense for my business.  I was extremely impressed with the honesty that she displayed in her sales approach. I’ve been able to kick start my business because of the excellent guidance provided and I can proudly say ours is a one stop shop for all web products. I wish Vidhi and ResellerClub good luck for future endeavors. Hope this association with ResellerClub goes a long way.”