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While we were giving you a glimpse at the champs from our Account Management team over the past few months, our technical support team has been up to a lot, business as usual as they like to call it! Vishal Desai, who has featured in one of our blog posts previously, is back with another instance to make us all proud of!

Our Support Executive:

Vishal has been around for about 3 years and hasn’t stopped making waves at ResellerClub, with his expertise and deftness!


Here’s more about the issue itself and how Vishal’s super skills helped us please yet another happy reseller:

The Issue:

Allan faced problems in connecting to FTP and in the installation of Open Cart. He also required tips to reduce instances of email IPs getting blacklisted for (incorrectly flagged as) spamming.

The Complication:

FTP error occurred due to incorrect settings on FileZilla.

Several applications installed on his SDL server coupled with the huge size of the default index page led to the website resolving considerably slowly, hence the installation of Open Cart was proving troublesome. An incorrect table prefix had been used, which too caused errors during the installation. Also, since he was using a shared hosting package, his installation which used a full server (root access) query and IPs were getting blacklisted.

Our Solution:

Vishal, with his quick thinking and experience, was able to identify the stumbling blocks in a jiffy. To begin with, Vishal resolved the FTP error which Allan encountered, by fixing the FileZilla settings and then downloading coreftp. He sent Allan screenshots of all the steps in order to ensure the correct procedure is followed.

To ensure the server response time is optimal, Vishal advised Allan not to load the server with multiple unrequired applications and to get them deleted.  Vishal also recommended Allan some tools which would help him check how well his website is optimized.

To fix the Open Cart installation issue, having checked the error screenshots which the client shared, Vishal immediately noticed that client was using incorrect database table prefix which was a major obstruction in the process and promptly assisted Allan in getting the same rectified.

To tackle the issue of IPs getting blacklisted for spamming, Vishal advocated Dedicated Servers to Allan and explained to him how he can make their best use. This way, Allan could ensure that he is in complete control of all outgoing emails from a particular IP.

In reseller’s own words:

“I’d like to express my gratitude towards the entire customer care staff of ResellerClub for their speedy and efficient services, with special mention of Vishal, who’s nothing less than a genius! He provided timely and helpful advice regarding the Database, FTP issue, Open cart and also went on to give me tips on how to better use my service with respect to applications. I am definitely buying the Dedicated Server from ResellerClub, Vishal has helped me with all the important information regarding the product including its features, consumption and specifications. He has always been very patient even when I had multiple queries. He has excellent technical knowledge and is honest with the information provided. I was able to complete all my transactions within seconds, thanks to the efficient team!”