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We all have certain key customers who mean a lot to us and are valuable to our business. When faced with an issue that threatens to put our business with such a customer in danger, panic is a natural reaction but it is imperative that we keep calm and ensure that we offer them the best and the quickest resolution. Here’s how one of our support executives addressed an issue that affected a key customer of one of our resellers and helped him retain the customer!

Our Support Executive:
Sharon Roy, a key member of ResellerClub’s support team has been with us for about two and a half years and it was on her watch that this issue came up. Her assured and effective handling of the issue led the reseller to exclaim “Halleluiah” in relief once the solution had been implemented!

mailerbody_Sharon Roy

The Issue:
One of the most important customers of our reseller was from the USA and was facing difficulty in registering a .CA domain, despite having created a .CA contact. After repeated efforts the customer was frustrated with the reseller and he in turn was worried at the prospect of losing one of his most valued clients.

The Complication:
The Reseller was using SuperSite 1, the older version of our reseller storefront which has many functions that are obsolete. Newer products that require custom data such as .CA domains are not supported on the SuperSite 1. As a result, though the registrant contact was created, it wasn’t successfully mapped as required by the .CA registry due to insufficient details

Our Solution:
Sharon assured the reseller of a swift response and calmed his nerves as she got to work on identifying the root cause of the problem. She logged into the control panel of the reseller and verified all the details and she attempted a test registration on an alternate instance to verify that this was indeed the issue which was causing the domain registration attempt to fail.
After having confirmed that this was the problem, she gave the reseller a detailed explanation of the same. She also advised him about the advantages of Supersite 2 as well as the upcoming end of lifecycle for the Supersite 1. Once he understood the reason for the issue and the process of upgrading to SuperSite 2, the reseller was in a better position to speak to his customer and assure him that the problem would be resolved quickly.

Owing to Sharon’s ability to multitask, she was able to kickstart the move to SuperSite 2 while she was filling in the reseller about the nature of the issue, the advantages and implications of the upgrade once she had obtained his consent. However another issue surfaced which threw a ‘URL in use’ error during the move from SuperSite 1 to SuperSite 2. Sharon kept her wits and discovered that the Reseller had his branded URL in a sub-reseller account and its DNS in yet another sub-reseller account. Now the issue required correcting the branding on not just one reseller panel but 3 different panels.

In a matter of just another 30 minutes all the Reseller control panels were updated with the Reseller’s choice of domains, IP addresses and nameservers. Extremely delighted with the result, this is what the Reseller had to say about Sharon’s diligence and efficiency:
“I would like to leave feedback about my great customer service experience I had today from one of your team members – Sharon R. We had several issues, first unable to attach contact for a .ca domain, then unable to use my primary domain with our main account, since it was attached to other account. She logged into 3 different accounts of ours and made all the necessary changes diligently. It took a bit of time because of the complication but she stayed online on live support chat and did exactly what we wanted while constantly communicating each step to us so that we were abreast of the progress in resolution. Sharon R and Reseller Club keep up the good work and great customer service.”