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If a seemingly grave issue can be tackled like no big deal with solutions as innovative and elegant as they can get, then you’re business is definitely in safe hands and at ResellerClub’s support platform that is exactly what we facilitate! Helping clients with any grey areas they may come across in navigating the hosting and domain reseller business, as well as offering incredible solutions in the stickiest of situations is what our Account Management Team does and how! Yunus Zummer, one of our Account Managers, is an integral part of this coveted team and is known to empower reseller’s business like a magician!

Yunus Zummer has been around for about 5 years. With his light chats and occasional humor, which is well appreciated by the resellers and us alike, he paves way for incredible solutions!

suppot-blog-yunusHere’s a page from Yunus’ work diaries:

Reseller: Mr. Hardik Vyas

Company: HV Infotech

Hardik was seeking a solution which would help him not having to take care of his Dedicated Servers and have less to worry about in terms of client hosted websites. He had a couple of servers that he didn’t want to manage and instead concentrate on other aspects of his business; Yunus suggested that Hardik switch to ResellerClub’s servers and stayed on the case with him through the toughest part – the transition. Hardik is now glad about how he no more has to maintain his setup and the upgrade even reflects on Infotech’s profits!

In the reseller’s own words:

“Yunus is the most skilled Account Manager I have ever worked with. His attention to detail and understanding of issues is commendable! He makes sure he’s really just a call away and going by his response time and quick actions, I can safely say he treats the support tickets as priority. Extremely fortunate to have Yunus to interact with in times of crisis, and even otherwise ;)”

Reseller: Mr. Danish Wadhwa

Company : GetSetLive

Like many other resellers, Danish too has given up server management hassles and has shifted his sites to multiple RH packages. Yunus was instrumental in this transition, spearheading the whole migration task which involved collaborating with Danish’s team and ResellerClub’s migration team. Yunus and Danish have also worked very closely on many domain promos and with Yunus’ proactiveness, Danish has been able to achieve the set target for .com domain names and stay motivated to grow his business with real time inputs.

In the reseller’s own words:

“Yunus is by far the most talented Account Manager I have ever worked with at ResellerClub. He’s extremely approachable and that makes it even better; we can get in touch with him without any difficulties! Time (and other issues) certainly doesn’t stop him from attending to us, Yunus has often gone out of his way to build some unparalleled marketing strategies which have resulted in the business and profit growing at the same time. His constant follow ups totally take the burden off our heads. I could even call him the guardian of my business!”

Yunus is very enthusiastic about his work and works his mojo beautifully on his resellers, leaving them spellbound by the ease with which he understands and solves all their queries in the blink of an eye! We’re overjoyed each time our Account Managers score a point with our resellers, it’s nothing short of an accomplishment for the entire team!