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All the Account Managers that we treasure at ResellerClub have a distinct quality that sets them apart in their own way. Each of our account managers goes that proverbial extra mile to ensure the best for his resellers’ business and Lloyd is no different! Quick with his replies and smart with his solutions, Lloyd is an incredible Account Manager.

Lloyd D’souza is our Account Manager and has been around for about 4 years. He’s an avid traveler – having traversed the length and breadth of the country and often found backpacking with strangers, it is no surprise, he’s even found his way into his resellers’ hearts!


Read on to know what Lloyd’s AM record book looks like:

Reseller: Ms Nesrin Erdem

Company: Karegen Bilisim Ltd.

Recently, as part of system update, we decided to deprecate SOAP API, but Nesrin continued its use. Proactive as Lloyd is, he noticed this and immediately got in touch with Nesrin, reminding her of the soon to happen deprecation and advised her to move to HTTP API, in order to not lose out on any domain order action. He also made sure to include a guide for the same, for a better understanding of the process.  Nesrin who had missed the earlier announcement was happy that she had someone as proactive as Lloyd and was able to ensure that the change did not impact her business adversely.

In Reseller’s own words:

“Lloyd is simply superb! Yet to come across someone so dedicated and caring – it was really nice of Lloyd to inform us about the switch from SOAP API to HTTP API, even after an announcement was made for it. He noticed we hadn’t shifted and made it a point to follow up with us and inform of the call failures if we didn’t switch. Many thanks to Lloyd for always being there!”

Reseller: Mr. Sokol Sokolov

Conmpany : Hosting Ltd.

Hosting Ltd. faced a situation of a broken card account which rendered them unable to refill their account for a few days; stakes were high as very vital and expensive domain registrations were threatened. Lloyd recognized the urgency of the situation and made an exception from our standard operating procedure, and was able to come up with a solution. Hosting Ltd. received a virtual credit that saved the day for them and Lloyd’s role in convincing his team at ResellerClub to make this exception proved astute judgement as it helped save a reseller’s business from becoming dysfunctional due to a banking issue.

In Reseller’s own words:

“One great quality that gives Lloyd an upper hand is his ability to empathize. He understands the anxiety that a vendor goes through and acknowledges the difficulties which are a part of this extremely dynamic and sensitive market. It is this that enables him to address all our queries and concerns in no time! The fact that Lloyd is just a click away makes me more confident about my business!”

Lloyd is an enthusiastic account manager and often goes out of his way (literally sometimes – he even makes it a point to meet some resellers if they are in locations near the destinations of his travel plans!) to tackle reseller’s issues. He thus manages to share a great rapport with all of them and it’s no surprise that he is deeply loved by all his resellers.  We at Resellerclub are truly fortunate to have yet another crown jewel such as Lloyd.