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An Account Manager’s responsibility is to efficiently play the role of a business consultant. Some Account Managers go out of their way to customize products/options and even fewer put themselves in a clients’ shoes in order to understand the business. This is precisely what the Account Managers at ResellerClub are all about, and Ajeet Mishra from our team is a perfect example – he believes in putting himself in the reseller’s shoes and comprehending his challenges to be able to suggest actions  best suited to growing the reseller’s business.

Ajeet Mishra is one of our Account Managers, who’s been around for almost 6 years and is a familiar face of the company for our resellers! He manages to effortlessly strikes a chord with every reseller of ours and they all take to him immediately, settling into a comforting rapport.

suppot-blog-Ajeet MishraHere’s a snippet from Ajeet’s happy reseller diary:

Reseller: Mr. Manish Ashar

Company : PiXEL WebWare

Manish wanted to transfer certain domain names from another provider to ResellerClub. He faced some hiccups in the process as the provider from which he intended to transfer the domain names defaulted, leaving Manish distraught. Ajeet displayed his usual cool demeanor and knew how to take care of this; he explained the process to Manish and suggested getting in touch with the .cn registrar. As expected, that worked! Manish was able to transfer the domains despite the expiry date having passed.

In the reseller’s own words:

“I’m amazed at how Ajeet always has a solution ready on his fingertips! Put him in the most difficult of situations and he won’t bat an eyelid, he’ll come up with a solution before I can blink my eye! Very impressed with Ajeet, who is in equal portions – smart and insightful.”

Reseller: Mr. Praveen Goel

Company : India Mart

Ajeet helped Praveen get acquainted with our latest products in order to be a one stop shop for all web products. He gave Praveen a deep understanding of product features, uses and profit margins so that he could leverage them to boost his ARPU. Praveen was also initiated into new gTLDs by Ajeet which helped him develop a new pitch to his customers. His interaction with Ajeet has helped India Mart multiply their margins with way less effort in no time!

In the reseller’s own words:

“Ajeet has been of great assistance to us. He understands our timely requirements and is able to clearly explain  relevant products to us. Every piece of information about every product and service is elaborated well. Our association with Ajeet has been immensely fruitful and has helped India Mart conveniently source services from ResellerClub.”

Ajeet is a seasoned member of our Account Management team and we’re glad to have account managers like Ajeet who consistently work towards ensuring everything goes on smoothly.