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As a business acquires newer clients, there’s more to be taken care of and more to attend to. At ResellerClub, the tasks involving taking care of our resellers and building their business seem like a piece of cake, thanks to our Account Management Team.

Here’s about Foram Shah, our charming Account Manager, who’s been around for almost 3 years now. Grabbing every opportunity that comes her way to help our clients, she takes immense pride in taking care of their business needs and accounts. Undoubtedly, she’s a rockstar in our resellers’ eyes!

Foram’s work speaks volumes, here’s more on it:

Reseller: Mr. Oscar Florez

Company: Ideas Para Nuevos Mercados

Oscar’s site was outdated and allowed limited online purchase options. A new and more advanced website with automated billing platform and WHMCS was needed but coming from a non English speaking country, language was a barrier for the developers. Owing to her quick thinking and a fairly elaborate experience in the field, Foram suggested Marco’s modules-Resellerclub-Mods for WHMCS. The idea not only eased the process and decreased the integration effort, but also halved the transition time spent in the integration and set up.

Foram also explained to Oscar the need to diversify and after some discussion and guidance from Foram, Idea Para Nuevos Mercados decided to extend beyond shared hosting venturing into VPS and Dedicated Servers working wonders for their business!

In the Reseller’s own words:

‘Foram is an amazing manager and has helped my team to a great extent and is always around to answer any query there may be. I count on Foram for any issue and have placed my trust in her. There’s yet to be a day when we’ve faced a problem and she doesn’t have an answer. Without doubt, she’s the best account manager we could have prayed for!’

Reseller: Mr. Domenico De Monte

Company: Netsons

Netsons had been facing an issue with the registration of .RU domains. .RU domains require additional parameters in the contact id, which isn’t supported by WHMCS – the client management software employed by Netsons – by default. Foram went ahead and helped Netsons with a third party set up by offering advice and insights for modifying the WHMCS file to enable the functions required for the registration of .RU domains. Satisfied with the outcome, Netsons now registers all their domains through us and have consolidated their portfolio with us.

Foram observes her resellers’ accounts closely and in case of Netsons, she noticed that there are great volumes of VPS and Dedicated Servers, and so, suggested they go in for Sitelock as it reduces support overheads and enables the client to protect the site from malware and being hacked. Domenico tested the product for a couple of days and was thoroughly impressed. He now swears by Sitelock!

In the Reseller’s own words:

‘Foram has never failed to surprise me with her out of the box solutions and advice! I don’t need to think twice before approaching her. Right from understanding my business to offering solutions and ideas to make it better, she does it all. Thank God for Foram!’

Foram is one of our most valued account managers and she is nothing short of a superhero for resellers! It’s people like Foram who carry the ResellerClub flag high and make us proud!