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Our Account Management team redefines ‘going the extra mile’ for our resellers by consistently surpassing the expectations that our resellers have of them. As far as looking after their interests and pushing the boundaries is concerned, the AM team isn’t too mindful of the term ‘limited’ and our resellers are definitely not complaining! It is this dedication that makes our resellers delighted and us proud.

Varun Gupta, one of our Account Managers, who’s been around for almost 2 years, is an extremely proactive AM and is hands on with his work! He knows his resellers and their business needs well and it’s no surprise his resellers can’t stop gushing over him!


Here’s a leaf from Varun’s AM book:

Reseller: Mr. Dhairya Cholera

Company: Bruwink

Dhairya’s association with ResellerClub is a couple of years old and in this period, he has experienced the best with us. Varun has helped Dhairya and his business sprint with the efficiency of a thoroughbred! Having understood his business fairly well, Varun has been able to offer Dhairya a target based model for .COM domains, thereby increasing his sales substantially.
Dhairya’s willingness to try out innovative ideas that we can offer to improve his business and the results he delivers as proved by his .BIZ domain count have ensured that he has a place at our high value reseller events and conferences. His presence at these landmark events have helped him take the next big step by networking and instituting best practices in his business and to keep the growth story going.
As a result of this mutually beneficial partnership with us, Dhairya is also a proud .IN registrar. He has been offered the ‘Power Partner’ status which has helped him to boost his hosting sales..

In the Reseller’s own words:

Dhairya feels that Varun plays a very important role in Bruwink’s success journey. Varun has been very insightful and helpful whenever there’s been any query pertaining to sales, support or billing. From offering solutions on tackling competition and insights into effective marketing to following up regarding the progress of campaigns, Varun doesn’t leave any stone unturned to ensure all’s well. Dhairya is sure that Varun has everything to be the perfect account manager and we couldn’t have been more proud!

Reseller: Mr. Hussain Jawadwala

Company: Z Tech

Mr. Hussain Jawadwala, along with his partner, Mr. Hussain Tehzabwala, wanted to ensure that his business reaches its potential and scales newer heights. With an AM as enthusiastic and helpful as Varun, Hussain got an opportunity to meet our senior developers and product managers in order to calibrate his product descriptions and marketing techniques better. The interaction also convinced him of the benefits of consolidating his portfolio with us thereby delivering economies of scale and ease of operation. Varun also facilitated migration for about 800 of his websites over 3 weeks, ensuring there are no issues or delay in the process. This step led to a considerable increase in his business with us. Hussain has been an active and participative reseller, making his presence felt at major reseller events.

In the Reseller’s own words:

Hussain thanks us, with a special mention of Varun, for guiding and supporting him through his business journey. Happy with the effective solutions that Varun offers, Hussain has an extremely involved manager who’s always by his side.

Nothing gives us more pleasure than being able to contribute to your venture and see it grow 🙂
Rest assured, you can always rely on our team of experts who are eager to assist you and attend to any query that you may have.