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At ResellerClub, we believe in providing a comprehensive support that encompasses technical, functional, transactional and operational aspects of a Hosting and Domains business. Having covered several instances from the technical dimension of support in our previous posts, we’d now like to delve into the functions of another important team – the Account Management team. The Account Management team is dedicated to the resellers and focuses on the satisfaction of the resellers and smooth functioning of their accounts.

The Account Management Team

An Account Manager (AM) can be dubbed as a relationship manager whose the duties are to develop the resellers’ business with suggestions, advice and marketing assistance. Being the face of the company, the AM is the Single Point of Contact for the client. From understanding the specific needs of each reseller to managing their business expectations, an AM does it all! Should any disruptions or unforeseen incidents come up, it’s the AM who takes the lead in resolving the issue.

Lionel Crastha, a bright star in our constellation, who’s been around for almost 5 years, has handled some of our biggest clients and now, knows his resellers by their pulse and can offer them great personalized business advice! For most of you, he’s a familiar face at most events and conferences.


He has featured in many resellers’ success stories! Here are a few instances:

Reseller: Mr. Hardik Vora

Company: All Web Vision

Mr. Hardik was facing stiff challenges from competitors who claimed to offer unrealistically low pricing to attract customers. This posed a threat to his business and reputation as he could not take on a loss leader with a huge marketing budget head on. To counter this, Hardik turned to his Account Manager, Lionel who helped him turn around the business by repositioning himself as a complete internet infrastructure service provider instead of just a store for individual products. Apart from valuable advice on how to reposition the business and retain and win the faith of his customers, Lionel also succeeded in restoring Hardik’s motivation by giving him stiff but realistic targets in terms of performance and all the tools and ideas needed to achieve it. Over the course of multiple iterations that saw higher targets and stellar growth, Hardik’s business had turned around and was now one of the stars in ResellerClub’s base!

In the Reseller’s own words:

Hardik is all praise for Lionel! He’s been associated with ResellerClub for over a decade and Lionel has been consistently helping him, often offering advice and his take on various products. With his technical competency and great knowledge on the web products, Lionel has been able to take Hardik’s business forward and help it grow by leaps and bounds! Hardik swears by Lionel’s services and expertise and happily recommends it!

Reseller: Mr. Sham Kamboj

Company: Bagful

Adding to the list of happy resellers who count on Lionel, Mr Sham Kamboj, testifies that’s it’s been a great experience working with him. Sham, being an early adopter, saw scope in new gTLDs and to be able to leverage these, Lionel helped him tie up with registries in order to market new gTLDs better and widen the product horizon for his customers. This introduced the customers to a new array of domain search results that Sham has been able to capitalize on and earn the goodwill of both Registries and customers. Marketing collateral, ideas, freebies as well as case studies that can build a convincing case to registrants – Lionel has been key to helping Sham make his mark with new gTLDs!

In the Reseller’s own words:

In Mr. Kamboj’s words, Lionel puts in more than his 100% to make sure that the business is climbing an upward ladder and has been instrumental in Bagful widening its area of business and the strategic relations it has forged with top registries.
At ResellerClub, we are always on the lookout to help you, our Resellers build and grow your business and these instances of Resellers benefitting from interactions with our Account Managers affords us one more opportunity to be proud of our success in our mission – to enable your hosting and domains business and empower your growth!