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Cache, prefetching and Random Access Memory are several means that computing devices and software use to help boost performance. These are usually supplemented by background processes that help webservers render content or process actions faster. However, a periodic cleanup of memory and redundant processes is highly recommended for optimal performance and that’s precisely why we emphasize that you regularly monitor and carry out maintenance on your VPS server or any device for that matter. Here’s an instance where redundant processes clogged up the performance of websites of one of our reseller’s servers. A case like this can be difficult to diagnose, but thanks to our support team, solutions always find their way!

Our Support Executive:
Monalisa has been with ResellerClub for about two years and is nothing less than an asset to our support team! Her efficiency and knowledge are instrumental in every technical issue she handles and ably solves.


The Issue:
Our reseller’s websites hosted on his VPS were inaccessible.

The Complication:
A high number of unwanted PHP processes running on the VPS resulted in the VPS approaching or breaching the limits of the package, thereby hampering the functioning of the DNS. This rendered the websites inaccessible.

On checking the beancounters, Monalisa realized that a parameter, ‘numproc’, was nearing its upper limit. Numproc defines the number of processes and threads allowed for a container; hence this had to be manipulated. These processes were running as a root user whereas they should run as the apache user ‘nobody’. Monalisa also encountered memory related errors in the system.

Our Solution:
To begin with, Monalisa decided to increase the maximum process limit for the container from the main node, temporarily. She then checked the current working directory (cwd) of one of the processes and found its /root/.
Seeing that all these PHP processes were old, she went ahead and killed them.
Since new threads weren’t getting created in the server, many other associated services were also down. Thinking on her feet, Monalisa recompiled php using easy apache and then manually restarted the apache service again in order to resolve the issue.
With her quick thinking and expertise, Monalisa was able to restore the reseller’s websites, much to our reseller’s happiness and relief!