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Switching your hosting provider and migrating your hosting to different provider can have a considerable impact on your business and website functionality, especially when there is a disparity in software versions between the two providers. We at ResellerClub always root for the most stable and updated versions of all software which not only enables you to benefit from the latest features/functions but also reduces risk of exposure to security threats that old versions carry.

A qualified and experienced support team will go a long way in helping you iron out any technical issues that you might face while migration. At ResellerClub, our support team tries to make sure that your transition into new the new platform is as seamless as possible. We’d like to share with how you Provit, our support executive helped our reseller Jyoti tide over some teething troubles she faced after migrating his Reseller Hosting to us from a provider whose servers were offering only an obsolete PHP version.

Our Support Executive:
Provit has been with ResellerClub for 3 and a half years and needless to say, he’s a stalwart in the field! Considering his tenure here, he’s acquainted with most kind of issues that may occur and knows his turf inside out!


The Issue:
Jyoti, our reseller, had recently migrated to our system and unable to send/receive mails via the contact form on his website. Email forwarding, which would send a copy of responses received through the form to his personal email ID was affected too.

The Complication:
Jyoti’s website was built on an older php version – below 5.3. Our supported versions – 5.3 and 5.4 didn’t allow backward compatibility.
Upon investigation, Provit realized that the configuration settings required for the mails sent via the contact form at the previous hosting provider were different from that at ours. This implied that the code of the contact form required changes.

Our Solution:
Provit first verified the DNS records and configured them correctly. The configuration in the MX entry was changed to Automatically Detect Configuration in order to automatically detect and deliver the mails.
Since the reseller’s website was coded in an outdated PHP version, upgradation of the reseller’s website code was a requisite. To make this more convenient for the reseller, Provit uploaded a contact form for the reseller with a test PHP mail script which would send out mails to multiple email addresses. Using this as a dummy, Jyoti replicated the code for his contact form.

Having taken care of the two major pain points, Provit then changed the configuration of the email forwarder, along with other specifications like destination URL, failure message to be returned to the reseller.
He then tested this setup and Bingo! It worked! With his knack for systematic and meticulous problem solving, Provit is one of the flag-bearers for our support team 🙂