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Many a time we encounter issues trickier than they may seem and these can get the better of us. They may turn out to be more complicated than a never ending maze but one simply needs to keep calm and think of a way out. Jaseem, from ResellerClub’s support team, swears by this and knows it best to not panic! Recently, one of our resellers, Mr Sankaralingam, attempted to restore his database from his expired hosting account to his new one and was met with an error as a result of some footprints of the database from his older account. Jaseem stepped in and had the issue resolved in no time!

Our Support Executive:
Jaseem Moorkoth has been with ResellerClub for about 2 years and is one of our most bankable support executives. Whatever be the issue, he has a solution ready at the snap of a finger!


The Issue:
Our reseller, Mr Sankaralingam, was unable to restore his MSSQL database from an expired hosting account to another single domain hosting account.

The Complication:
The database couldn’t be restored as some user names of his older database belonging to his older hosting account existed and therefore restoration threw an error.

Our Solution:
Sankaralingam tried to restore his MSSQL database from an expired hosting account to another single domain account. Because his previous package had expired, he attempted to restore his older database and as a result of the data not entirely being deleted, there were footprints of the same. Some user names from his previous database remained in the server (orphaned user names) and hence caused the issue.

Unable to get his head around the problem, Sankaralingam approached our support team and Jaseem came to his rescue. Having quickly understood the issue, Jaseem realized he’ll have to manually delete the entire database along with the existing user and create a blank database. After having performed the required steps, he uploaded the database to the MSSQL server through FTP. He then filtered out all the orphaned users and recreated the database using the support tools. The database was hence restored using SQL query and the database user password reset as in the website configuration file.

There was simply no end to Sankaralingam’s delight! He thanked Jaseem and congratulated our entire team for our expertise and knowledge!