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When it’s a tech support issue in question, 9 out of 10 times it’s actually resolved without any hassles. But all you ever hear about is the one time things went wrong. And since you do hear a lot about things going wrong, we thought we’ll tell you a little bit about what goes right as well.
On a weekly basis, we’re going to introduce you to a member of ResellerClub’s support team and tell you about the time they went above and beyond to help a client.
Here’s our first edition of “The Extra Mile!

Our Support Executive:
Sanjeet Singh Arora, a member of our support team, has been with us for about 2 years.


Apart from these responsibilities, Sanjeet likes developing web applications and is quite good at it too. So apart from the above, he also works on tools that help the entire team with tasks they need to do.

The Issue:
Jorge Rodriguez Galarza, one of our resellers with a Reseller Linux Hosting package had installed an outdated version of WHMCS which infected the entire package with a virus. This led to several files getting corrupted, thereby making the admin as well as the customer panel inaccessible.

The Complication:
Important files required for the software to work could not be recovered. We later found out that the backup too was corrupted.

Our Solution:
As an obvious step, Sanjeet started by scanning all the files to remove the malicious code but some important files were not recoverable even after restoring the back up. Since a good amount of time had been lost and the hosting package was not completely restored, Sanjeet decided to involve his team and went out of his way to find a solution.
The only viable option was a full WHMCS upgrade. Detailed steps were given to Jorge along with the files to update, but a new issue cropped up. While the upgrade was completed and the files replaced and the virus now gone, Jorge started facing an “Internal server error”.
Sanjeet quickly escalated the issue to the SysAdmin team and they discovered that the WHMCS configuration selected by Jorge while the upgrade was being done was incorrect. They got the configuration fixed and restored the functionality of WHMCS back to normal.

It was Sanjeet’s persistence and presence of mind that proved to be helpful and left Jorge absolutely satisfied and delighted!

Here’s what Jorge has to say about our support – “I think I’ve been provided with a great solution and it’s a huge relief to have the WHMCS restored. All my data and admin and customer panel were at the risk of being washed off and Sanjeet has come to my rescue!”

We can’t stress enough on the importance of using updated and latest versions of software. It can go a long way in avoiding most issues.