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Harris’ Lament is slowly gaining popularity, especially with the extreme saturation in the .COM Domain Name market. With hardly any ‘sensible’ .COM Domain Names available, Domain Registration service providers are concerned about where their business is headed. However, with the Global Markets in a state of panic, and the recession fear sweeping the west, DomainFest (that took place a couple of weeks back) had a completely different story to say. Oversee snagged a $150 million investment from Oak Hill Capital, the Silicon Valley private equity firm started by Robert M. Bass of the Bass brothers fame. Even with the financial markets hitting an all time low, Domain Names continued to sell for eye-popping prices. People spent a shocking $3.2 million on Domain Names. fetched $300,000. went for $195,000. $100,000. And was sold for $400,000!

Also, what so many Resellers fail to see is how the launch of new Domain Extensions not only gives them a whole new market to look at, but also make much more profit than that on .COM Domains. The soon to be launched .ASIA had an extremely successful Sunrise Period, and if the enquiries for the the Landrush are something to go by, .ASIA is surely the next big entrant into the Domain space.

As a Service Provider to over 50,000 Resellers world wide, we make sure we continuously add new Domain extensions to our current list to help our Resellers deal with the saturation in the .COM and other gTLD spaces. Last year itself, we integrated around 25 new TLDs, and are now all set for the .ASIA Landrush.

You can expect details on the much awaited .ASIA Landrush real soon. We suggest you Subscribe to the RSS feeds to stay updated! We would also love to have your feedback on the Domain extensions that you’d like integrated. So feel free to comment, or drop in a line at