The Biggest nTLD is here!

Our latest launch .ONLINE has broken all nTLD records,  it registered 28,000 domains in the first 30 minutes of launch and  40,000 in less than 2 days! If you were waiting for the right TLD to focus on new domain extensions, there couldn’t be a better one.

Aside from the biggest nTLD launch ever, here is why we are excited (and think you should be too!) at the launch of .online:

  • It’s Intuitive & Easy to Understand – Resonates with what people are getting domains for – ‘to get online
  • Brandable & Adaptable – .online is universal, versatile and can be used for anything under the sun. From businesses, portfolios, ecommerce stores, blogs to lolcats, everyone is ‘online’
  • Customers love .online! – .online emerged as the no. 1 choice of new domain buyers. 50% customers chose .online over other generics like .link, .click, .world etc, in a survey conducted across the globe
  • Millions already use ‘online’ – 1million+ existing domains have the term ‘online’. Users are already familiar with the term and use it as a filler while registering domains
    • 1 Million+ existing domains have the word ‘online’
    • 160,000 of these were registered in last year itself
  • UnCOMplicate, UnCOMpromise
    • Simple, easy, short names, with a domain ending that makes sense
    • Customers can get a catchy, high recall name – a name their visitors can’t forget!
  • Understood in 24+ languages– No matter which part of the world you and your customers are from, .online is understood across the globe
  • Special Launch Promo: Available at a special launch price of just $14.99 here

It’s time to get started, it’s time to get .online!

About Amrita

AmritaAmrita is a marketing specialist by profession who loves writing, music and animals.



Amrita is a marketing specialist by profession who loves writing, music and animals.