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September was an exciting month for us here at ResellerClub! Along with the launch of VPS Beta, we also launched an incredible month of promos – our biggest Mega Bargains Month yet, with over 15 TLDs on promo!

A few of the discounts offered during Mega Bargains Month 2012!

Mega Bargains Month leads to Remarkable Business Growth!

Mega Bargains Month offers Resellers a chance to significantly increase sales and revenue. This time around, we analyzed the Reseller Sales trends for Mega Bargains Month and here are the findings:

  • Resellers increased sales on an average by 20% and as high as 85%
  • New Customer signups increased by 15% – 35% during the month of September

Behind the scenes:

A large part of our Marketing efforts is to build relationships with Registries and work very closely with them to offer such promotions.

As one of the largest wholesale Registrars in the world and with programs catering to 8 emerging markets specifically, we can launch consolidated efforts along with Registries to offer Co-Marketing initiatives for our Resellers as well Domain Names at incredible prices.

Tell us how Mega Bargains Months helped you improve your business!

We’d love to know how Mega Bargains Month helped you increase your business this time around. Just leave a comment and let us know!

We’d also like to thank all of you for your continued support and your trust. Initiatives like Mega Bargains Month are our way to thank you and make sure you have all the tools you need to grow your business!

Here’s to another successful Mega Bargains Month!