MongoDB vs. MySQL

MongoDB vs MySQL : Understanding the difference

In this blog on the ‘MongoDB vs MySQL comparison’, I’ll break down database jargon to explain the difference between the newer system and the legacy that is MySQL. While a lot of the terms associated with this topic might be familiar to many web professionals out there, I’m laying it all out to help those who could do without the techspeak. So let’s get started! MySQL and MongoDB are ‘database management systems’. To really understand the difference, let’s first look at what a database is: What are databases? Databases are applications that store collections of data, organised in a certain […]

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network security tools

Network Security Tools Every IT Pro Should Rely Upon

Cybercrime is on the rise today so it’s not surprising that IT professionals are so concerned. These crimes are costing a lot of money – both in problems caused and in solving the crimes or even preventing them all together. Fortunately, once you understand this cost you can also find some free and inexpensive tools that will protect your business. It’s a complex situation that must be addressed from every side of the issue. Why Cybercrime is on the Rise Many people are quite surprised to learn just how extensive cybercrime really is, especially since it’s a relatively new issue. […]

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Mobile Automation Testing – Challenges and Tools

Smartphones are deeply connected with our lives. We use it to do things like call, use Facebook and Twitter, find directions using Maps, check the real-time weather, manage bank accounts, shop online and a lot more things. In short, for almost everything under the sun. Mobile application development in this regard is thus on the rise. Google Play Store and Apple App Store have a plethora of apps. On average, every idea usually has more than one app. With this increased development of mobile apps, there is an equally increased demand for good quality applications. More often than not, mobile […]

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How to host a website in IIS step by step

The popularity of .NET applications has been one of the prime reasons why web developers are choosing IIS or Windows hosting. Now, with the latest generation of ASP.NET framework, producing more interactive pages has also become much easier. This makes one wonder how one can host a website in IIS quickly? Hosting a website in IIS is not just easy, it is also very potent in terms of features that you can build. This article puts the spotlight on what IIS is, how to host a website in IIS step by step and what are the pros of doing so. […]

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programming in 2018

What programming holds for you in 2018

The Programming field has become too broad and confusing. There are tons of programming languages, frameworks & libraries being released or getting upgraded to newer versions every other week. So how do you pick what to learn and pursue? Here are a few tech trends that early adopters have already picked them and you can too. What makes programming so powerful is the leverage it has over technology. The hottest topics trending right now, like cybersecurity and machine learning require in some way or another, programming knowledge. New Java frameworks like React have become popular and the availability of React […]

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how secure is cloud storage

How Secure is Cloud Storage

Go back to some good old years and you would have heard a common problem, ‘my hard disk is full I don’t know where to store my data anymore.’ These things now sound alien, don’t they? After all, with the arrival of cloud, this problem has disappeared. However, it wasn’t until a few years later that people actually began trusting the cloud and using it. And well once they did, there was no turning back. According to a recent survey, 96% internet users employ the services of Cloud which is a clear indication that a vast majority of data is […]

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Conversational UI – Designing a Voice User Interface

Imagine your hands are soaked in paint or are too wet to operate your phone. It is urgent to receive the call, as it is your boss calling. You neither want to upset your boss nor damage your phone! What do you do? Well, evolution is the key in the world of technology. From a basic button-based cell phone to a touchscreen phone to the now evolving and in-force voice-based technology experience, we have seen it all. Your voice can help you keep both your job and your phone safe! Let’s first understand what a Voice User Interface (VUI) is: […]

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4 Plugins to Convert Websites into Interactive Mobile Apps

Most websites nowadays have an accompanying mobile app. A significant amount of user traffic is generated through these apps. Even if your WordPress website is very responsive on mobile devices and is doing well on small screens, However, consumers prefer getting apps instead of navigating a website. Moreover, you can instantly publish your app to your own Google Play or App Store account and even charge for downloads. you cannot rely on it by leaving a play store or app store application in place. A mobile app has its own smooth experience. The only problem with it is it is […]

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