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The revolutionary .TECH TLD is here. .TECH is perfectly suited for those of you who swear by technology! We live in a world where technology is a very integral part of our lives making it simpler for anyone to identify with a TLD like this. You are in a business that caters to web developers, software & hardware engineers, coders and others for whom .TECH makes perfect sense. Additionally, for you as a reseller too, where technology is very much a part of your daily business, your brand with this TLD would fit like a glove!

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Why .TECH?

.TECH is more than just a TLD, it’s a one stop shop for all things tech aptly suited for a tech savvy establishments, software & computer development businesses, hardware manufacturing businesses or even for individuals who

  • Clear, short and memorable
  • A TLD especially curated for anything pertaining to technology or technical acumen
  • Easy 4 character domain extension
  • It’s descriptive, relevant and instantly highlights the technical focus of the website

Who is .TECH for?

Everyone who loves technology, lives online and cherishes the tech community!

  • Universities & Tech Corporations
  • Publications
  • Tech Bloggers & Web developers
  • Conferences
  • Information security analysts
  • Systems administrators
  • Research firms

Establish your business with a .TECH.

Start offering .TECH domains to your customers now and make the most of our fabulous promo on this fast growing TLD! Boost your domain reselling business with our promos here.

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