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As a business owner, providing a seamless user experience to customers is crucial to take your brand places. With the digitization in technology, reliance on marketplaces, and the recent pandemic causing businesses to get online while customers stay indoors, e-commerce businesses are a rising trend. 

Everything from fashion to technology to groceries are now online! Many brick-and-mortar businesses have also moved online. The internet has opened up many possibilities, previously unimaginable. Today, you can reach a customer in another country or even another continent just as easily as a customer in your own city.

To promote your business and evoke a strong sense of digital identity, it is important to have a powerful online presence. One of the most sought after ways to create a strong digital presence is to acquire a domain name that can be synonymous with your business. The .BIZ domain extension can be linked to a business instantaneously, thereby making your customers aware that you’re a business website. For instance, if your domain name is cakesandmore.biz, your customer will easily be able to recognise you run a cake and confectionery business.  

Advantages of choosing .BIZ:

  • Recognised globally and offers credibility 
  • Makes your brand upbeat, unique, and unforgettable
  • Adds value and professionalism to your website 

.BIZ is perfect for:

.BIZ is ideal for anyone or everyone who runs an online business or wants to promote their business online. It can be:

  • A startup 
  • An e-commerce store or service provider 
  • A physical store with a business website
  • A B2B or B2C online business 
  • A community blog or an organization

Some of the popular brands using the .BIZ domain extension to create a buzz:

Setup your BIZ-ness with a .BIZ domain 

A .BIZ domain extension let’s your business stand out and create a buzz in the ever-growing online business world. 

You can now get .BIZ domain at just $17.99. So, what are you waiting for? Register your domain and take your BIZness to the next level! Login and set prices today!

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