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.CO is the domain name for dreamers, doers and go-getters!  

Launched in 2010, initially, .CO was associated with ‘Company’ and ‘Corporate’ only; then came ‘Community’. However, today, .CO is not restricted to any venture online – personal or business. From start-ups to entrepreneurs, artists to innovators; everyone is choosing .CO to get their ideas online and make it big!  

What’s so special about .CO? 

  • It’s short, memorable and crisp. 
  • It’s industry-agnostic 
  • It’s globally recognized 
  • It’s a domain for big and small businesses, artists and innovators, communities and individuals 

Fact Check – 5 facts about the .CO domain 

  1. 80X Growth Since it was launched in 2010 

  1. 2.2 million .CO domains registered as of December 2018 

  1. In the world rank of 1500 TLDs .CO is the 20th largest domain 

  1. 50+ Global Partnerships 

  1. It has reached over 750 thousand innovators at Global events 

Here are some brands and businesses; communities and people making their digital presence impactful with the powerful .CO domain: 

AngelList – one of the world’s largest and recognized communities for start-ups, innovators, entrepreneurs and more!  

Ello – a thriving community of artists and network of creators 

And if you thought it was only new-age entrepreneurs and small businesses that are choosing .CO – think again! 

Twitter uses t.co as a URL shortener too! 

What are you waiting for? Grab your .CO domain and start building your digital presence. It all starts with the right domain and .CO is the perfect way to set yourself up for success. 

Login and get your .CO domain!  

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