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Have you been running flawless email operations on Mailchimp by using the Mailchimp integration for Shopify? For some context, as we mentioned in the previous article, Shopify and Mailchimp have stopped the first-party support for each other’s users. You’ll need to build a new workflow for your emails to revive the operations (and improve it while you’re at it) to keep your store’s most important marketing channel at its pace. Zapier delivers smart workflows in…

The need for automation is a given for large enterprises, but, it’s more than an option now for small and medium businesses (SMBs), it’s a growing need. Entrepreneurs for such businesses wear many hats in the process, from marketing to accounting to web design. However to enable business to grow one needs to step back, it’s a good idea to put routine tasks and processes on auto-pilot so focus can be shifted to the bigger…