Cross Browser Testing: What, Why and How to Test your WordPress Website

The growing popularity of mobile phones, laptops and tablets has led us to browse the internet for viewing various websites like social media, e-commerce etc using these devices, as opposed to the past when we only used a desktop to surf the internet. It is this trend that has made responsive website design extremely important. Every product developed needs to be tested both for the hardware and software, and a website is no exception. In this article, we’ll cover the software side of things – testing our website if it is compatible on different browsers the user will open it […]

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Image Optimisation Plugins for WordPress

6 Best Image Optimization Tools for WordPress

A website without images is like a movie with no sound. Images form a crucial part of the website designing process. A good website has the right amount of content along with images that are visually appealing to the user as well as informative about the brand. In this post, I’ll walk you through why you should be using image optimisation tools and will also introduce what I think are the 6 best tools for your WordPress website to ensure a hassle-free optimisation process. Why you should Use Image Optimisation Tools According to a survey, by HTTP Archives dated February […]

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How to delete a WordPress blog

We leave several digital footprints all over our shared online world today. Any action you put forth in the online world, quite literally lasts forever and can almost always be found by a good search engine. Does this apply to a blog? Websites that you delete are often cached by search engines for long periods of time. I’ll take a guess and say that you most likely have a WordPress website or blog. Close to 30% of the internet uses WordPress so I’m sure my guess is not far off the mark. Can you delete a WordPress blog? The answer […]

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best wordpress email subscription plugin

6 Best WordPress Email Subscription Plugins

Marketing of your business website is very important when it comes to the success of your business, and emails to your customer base is one of the popular solutions to make this work. One of the fastest ways for a business to grow is to have a larger and an interactive email contact list. However, new website owners or bloggers mostly have a tough time grabbing the attention of their website’s visitors. In fact, it is safer to say deciding on the right WordPress Hosting for your WordPress website is considered a tough task. Nevertheless acquiring customer attention too is […]

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