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With the advent of technology, the world has moved online; and those who haven’t, are on their way. Website creation is gaining momentum with tons of content creators, businesses, groups, etc. establishing their online presence on the internet. While everyone may not have the expertise to build a website from scratch, everyone does have several options available to use easier methods to get the same results. Creating a WordPress website using free themes, especially, is…

We leave several digital footprints all over our shared online world today. Any action you put forth in the online world, quite literally lasts forever and can almost always be found by a good search engine. Does this apply to a blog? Websites that you delete are often cached by search engines for long periods of time. I’ll take a guess and say that you most likely have a WordPress website or blog. Close to…

YouTube, being one of the most popular video sharing portals in the world, has been leveraged extensively by a large number of professionals to showcase their talent, products and services. This number, in millions, gets augmented when you add WordPress users who capitalize on YouTube for marketing and promotional purposes. As professionals use both WordPress and YouTube in a bid to monetize, reducing time-to-market using YouTube videos via WordPress becomes critical. Which is why it…