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windows reseller hosting

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The popularity of .NET applications has been one of the prime reasons why web developers are choosing IIS or Windows hosting. Now, with the latest generation of ASP.NET framework, producing more interactive pages has also become much easier. This makes one wonder how one can host a website in IIS quickly? Hosting a website in IIS is not just easy, it is also very potent in terms of features that you can build. This article…

As a web host, we are always engaged in ways to improve your experience in using your hosting orders. As many of you may know, we offer Plesk control panel on our Windows web hosting to help you manage your websites and your hosting package efficiently. The latest version of Plesk, Onyx represents a generational change that enables you to make the most of your hosting and we’re happy to announce that we have upgraded…

Undecided about whether you should choose Windows or Linux for Reseller Hosting? This is quite a common confusion among those who aren’t very sure of the differences between the two platforms and their benefits. In a compact infographic, we’ve outlined the differences so you can make an informed choice to benefit your business. Let us know if you’ve got any queries for us. You can check out our website for more information on our products.

We’ve rolled out Windows Reseller Hosting to all Resellers last week and I have to say we’re pretty excited about it. Our latest hosting product has received favourable reviews from several of our 600 Beta Resellers and I can’t wait to hear what you think about it! Fully equipped Reseller Hosting: This product comes with the most popular control panel for Windows Hosting i.e. Plesk panel and you will now have the ability to offer…