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windows attack

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What is Petya? The latest ransomware cyber attack ‘Petya/Petrwrap/ExPetr’ or ‘GoldenEye’ has quickly targeted computer systems all over the globe crippling large firms across Europe, Israel, Russia and the US, reportedly starting from Ukraine. It makes use of Eternal Blue exploit as a means to multiply  itself wrecking the system and leaving it inaccessible until a payment of $300 Bitcoins has been made. Kaspersky Lab’s global research director Costin Raiu tweeted on June 28th to…

What is “WannaCry’? WannaCry is a ransomware attack that has (in)famously brought much of the world’s computers and servers to a complete standstill including critical systems such as UK’s healthcare network, Russia’s government systems and those of the Indian state, Andhra Pradesh. It makes use of an SMB (Server Message Block) vulnerability on Windows systems and spread rapidly across networks. How does it work and where did it originate? Many experts suspect that WannaCry aka WannaCrypt was…