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website redesign


Redesigning is a big effort. The intent of redesign could be to improve content, design, product offerings, etc. to make your website more user-friendly, all in the effort to encourage more hits. However, while the purpose of redesign is to improve traffic or user experience or both, your website could actually see a decline in traffic right after the redesign. Although traffic drops after redesign is a general trend, a drop greater than 10% is…

Website design and SEO always go hand-in-hand. A perfect combination of these two helps you to build high-performing websites and achieve the ambitious business targets easily. Both search engines and visitors love information-rich, visually fascinating, and responsive websites. However, with the changing time, the design of websites become old-fashioned and doesn’t meet the increasing demands of visitors. This is where website redesign comes into play. Website design industry experts recommend updating the design of the…