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website buttons

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The sole purpose of any promotional copy – be it the copy of an ad, an email, or a website, is to lead the reader towards that shiny, interactive, and most often, a rectangular clickable UI element i.e., the button. Call-to-action (CTA) buttons not only hold every marketer’s hopes of winning at conversion techniques, but also a psychological effect that has the potential of reflecting your brand’s image. How can a mere button do that,…

Calls-to-action play a key part in helping convert visitors to leads or sales on any website you design. It’s all in the messaging, design and the placement. The type of site, the target audience and the desired action can give you a direction on how best to design these buttons. We tell you how you can design some kicka$$ calls-to-action to immediately convert your visitors into clients in just 3 pointers! 1) Know which all buttons you can have:…