What is cPanel web hosting?

cPanel web hosting is a Linux hosted solution that is driven by cPanel. In order to know what this term exactly means, it is essential to first know what web hosting means. Web hosting is a service that allows business or individuals to host their website or web page on the internet. The files of this website are stored on servers which look like the CPU of a computer. In order to host your website, you will need your own domain. Once you get your hands on your own domain, you will also get your own email address for the […]

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what is web hosting and how does it work

What is web hosting and how does it work?

What is web hosting? Web hosting (in layman’s terms) is the service of providing storage space for a website or application on a server on the internet. Once your website is made available on the internet, it can be accessed by other computers connected to the internet. How web hosting works: Web hosts are companies that rent out their services and technologies to host websites on the internet. Once the hosting company hosts your website, users can access it by typing in your web address (domain name) in their web browser. When they do this, their computer connects to the […]

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How to host a domain / website on your own?

If you’re a developer/blogger who is tech-savvy and just plain adventurous, you might feel confident enough to host a domain/website on your own. That’s right, in your basement (if you live in a part of the world where most people have one) or maybe just in your own bedroom. If you think a hosting company like us wouldn’t even want to broach the topic with you–you’re mistaken! We are as geeky as some of you are and appreciate those with a taste of adventure. If you’re in the group which isn’t sure exactly how to host a domain or website […]

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How to use cPanel: Beginners Guide to Using cPanel’s Commonly Used Features

cPanel is a popular dashboard to manage hosting orders however, if you’re not too clear on how to use cPanel, this article will walk you through the basic functions that you can perform with relevant screenshots. What is cPanel? cPanel is a dashboard to manage your web hosting account through a web interface. cPanel makes managing a hosting account easy that even those without technical expertise can set up websites. The cPanel dashboard also gives you updates, ability to access and manage add-on domains, FTP, security measures, enable backup for your files & more. We at ResellerClub also offer easy […]

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wp hosting launch resellerclub blog

WordPress Hosting Now Live on ResellerClub!

We promised to bring WordPress hosting to you by the end of March and we’ve delivered! Yes, one of our most awaited launches, WordPress hosting is now live on the ResellerClub platform. WordPress thrived owing to its impeccable user-experience and is considered to be one of the most well-known and widely used comntent management systems for hosting websites. Let’s run you through why our WordPress hosting can help you deliver excellence to your customers. Why choose WordPress Hosting? Our WordPress hosting provides you with all the essentials to build resilient websites – speed, reduced load time, auto back-ups and security. […]

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KVM vs Virtuozzo blog banner sever

KVM vs Virtuozzo? Which one should I choose?

Since the addition of VPS on our platform, we’ve only been providing a specific type of virtualization, Virtuozzo. A month ago, we introduced KVM virtual private servers on our platform. That must have got you thinking, “What’s the difference between the two?” This blog post covers the distinguishable features of KVM and Virtuozzo.  Virtualization has changed the way we compute. We utilize lesser hardware, save energy and costs as well as run various applications and operating systems on that very server. Why do we need virtualization? Apart from saving time, money and energy, it: Helps you to manage your resources […]

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How To Become A Web Host

Looking at making a little residual income through web hosting? Why not consider becoming a web host. Here are a few points that might be helpful: What is web hosting? Web hosting is a service that facilitates individuals or organizations to put up web page(s) on the Internet, such that it is available for users to see, by typing in the website address (URL). Web hosts are providers of such services. In order to be able to host with a provider, a domain name is required. Whom is it for? If you have working knowledge of the Internet and are […]

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The Kickstart 2017 Sale – Any Hosting Plan @ ONE Price!

Hello, 2017! We’ve got some pretty good news to kickstart the new year and I’ll jump straight to it. For just 1 week, we’re offering “ONE PRICE for ANY hosting plan” offer on select products, starting at $1.5 as part of the Kickstart 2017 Sale. Clearly, this isn’t your usual sale – if you’re looking to buy ResellerClub hosting during this period, you can avail a flat price for a hosting product across any plans and specifications. What does the Sale offer? With the highest plan and the cheapest plan at the same price, here’s what you can avail: An R4 plan at […]

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