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web hosting events

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As we enter 2016, we’re stoked about the things we’re going to see unravel through the coming months- new product launches, brand new partners, new targets, bigger, better events & new business. And although we do believe new years are new beginnings, it’s hard to let the year begin without the mention of our biggest, most successful event that closed out our 2015 with a promise of a fantastic 2016! The ResellerClub Presents HostingCon event was a 2…

The ResellerClub Hosting Summit is just two weeks away and we’re really excited by the incredible response we’re receiving from Resellers as well as Web Hosting Companies in India! With over 3,000 attendees already registered, the conference promises to be the biggest and best Web Hosting event in the country (and maybe even the world)! What is the ResellerClub Hosting Summit about? Born out of a simple idea i.e. to build a strong community of…