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Web Host

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Looking at making a little residual income through web hosting? Why not consider becoming a web host. Here are a few points that might be helpful: What is web hosting? Web hosting is a service that facilitates individuals or organizations to put up web page(s) on the Internet, such that it is available for users to see, by typing in the website address (URL). Web hosts are providers of such services. In order to be…

How does one design an effective and convincing business website? Most definitely by choosing the right web host. Although, most of the Internet service providers (ISPs) offer loads of space for blog posting or creating a web page, integrating a top-quality multimedia or an online retail store requires a larger space, as well as a dedicated IT support. However, choosing the right web host provider or plan is not the only decision businesses need to…

In an already saturated industry, with more and more Hosting Providers setting shop everyday, it has become increasingly challenging to find a fast and reliable web host! To add to the confusion, the term “web hosting” returns nearly 200 million results on Google! It’s a real dilemma out there; by splashing a few $s, any hosting company can show up among the top few results of popular search engines. So, among all these, is there…