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Virtual Private Sever

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We’re excited to announce some upgrades to our VPS SSD product. Until now, our VPS products (SSD plans in US) only supported plan upgrades which included Cores, RAM & Disk combined. With the launch of Block Storage for VPS SSD, you can now simply expand its storage. What is Block Storage? In block storage, each block acts as an individual hard drive. Data is stored here in fixed sizes or blocks. This technology stores data…

Since the addition of VPS on our platform, we’ve only been providing a specific type of virtualization, Virtuozzo. A month ago, we introduced KVM virtual private servers on our platform. That must have got you thinking, “What’s the difference between the two?” This blog post covers the distinguishable features of KVM and Virtuozzo.  Virtualization has changed the way we compute. We utilize lesser hardware, save energy and costs as well as run various applications and…