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In recent times, we’ve seen  a major shift in the domains industry. With .COM names becoming scarce, the new gTLDs have gained a lot of popularity, to say the least. .XYZ has taken the market by storm, nTLDs like .ONLINE and .TECH have made a record number of registrations. As a reseller, you’re probably all too familiar with gTLDs and the rise. But the rise of these 1,800+ new TLDs has opened up the risk…

The term ‘UDRP’ has been floating around quite a bit recently since there’s been a surge of UDRP complaints. In one of our earlier blog posts on the subject, we spoke about companies such as Canyon filing for UDRP. Off late, everyone from Hollywood celebrities to football stars, wants a share. We’re here to tell you a little more about what the policy is & the celebrities filing them.  The Uniform Domain Name Dispute-Resolution Policy (or the…

As the internet space is expanding with an influx of new TLDs, over 4 million new domain names have been registered on these nTLDs. Obviously, clashes over domain names become inevitable and copyright issues follow soon. This may also give way to illegitimate businesses, cyber crimes and other unlawful activities. Understandably, brand protection agencies are having a tough time, although some measures instituted by ICANN have made their lives easier! Let us take a look…