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Working in the content industry, you tend to pick up a lot. I’ve been writing professionally for over two plus years now and during this time I’ve interacted with a lot of web designers. This gave me a window to the finer nuances of website designing. Aspects of a creative or banner that I once never gave much thought to turned out to be deeply influential in the way we humans process information. I realized…

Web designing is a continuously evolving field where those that fail to adapt to shifting trends find themselves lost to the competition. With the advent of 2017, a multitude of new web designs has entered the market which boasts high functionality and uniqueness among other positive traits. Developing successful web designs is a trial-and-error method, where a vast pool of specifications and factors are considered before development. While some fail to catch on, others are…

2018 saw some fierce & bold, subtle and classic web designing styles, playing with space, fonts, colours, animations & more. As we step into the new year, we’d like to highlight the web design trends that blew us away in 2018 and are here to stay for 2019. 1) Minimalist Homepage Minimalism is the single most important principle of web designing. Although this may be difficult to accept that the homepage contains little or no content,…