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tld of the fortnight

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Wherever you are, wherever you go, remember to live your ‘Life’ to the fullest. Be it a sport, a challenging experience or a passion to start your online business, get a .LIFE domain and live the life you’ve always wanted. With more and more people choosing to follow their passions, the .LIFE domain extension is one of the most sought after TLDs in the online world today. From websites focusing on healthy living to lifestyle,…

With more and more businesses going online .BIZ is our TLD of the Fortnight and for all the right reasons! The domain extension gives your brand an instant recognition as a business – be it small, midsize or large. For any brand that wants to engage with their customers and take their business to the next level, this domain is an excellent choice! Powered by Neustar, .BIZ guarantees its customers credibility, recognition, professionalism, and status.…