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You’ve just had a fantastic meeting with a client. The requirement is exciting and the pay will be too. You are ready to start work as soon as possible. To your shock, things start to unravel right from the very first change request to the invoice date. What could have been done to prevent this? Most web professionals, unfortunately, do not sign written agreements with clients before starting work. This mistake could not only cost…

Who doesn’t love a free anything? I’m sure you do. Honestly, I love freebies. Although, not everything free is good for you. Why, you ask? I’d like to talk about how people opt for a ‘free’ web-hosting in order to avoid expenses that are unnecessary; a dangerous and unfruitful presumption. Here are a few reasons for why you must contemplate before opting for free web-hosting. Limited Templates You will have very few options when it…

We recently announced our Service Providers platform that we added to the ResellerClub ecosystem to offer you professional assistance with design, development, marketing & SEO from experts and even have a chance to offer your own expertise. In this blog article, we’d like to draw your attention to one service provider to cater to your design and marketing needs, ThemeChilly . ThemeChilly provides responsive WordPress and WHMCS Order form templates for web hosting and reseller hosting…