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As part of our constant efforts to make your experience at ResellerClub a cakewalk, we make sure that our support team is geared to give you hands-on solutions for every possible issue you may encounter in the quickest possible time. We cater to resellers all over the globe, empowering their growth and developing the markets that we operate in. In the last few years we have undertaken a comprehensive project to localize ResellerClub’s Program to…

In today’s complex web security environment, identifying a hack attempt is probably the biggest challenge one faces as hackers adopt intricate masking and trail-cleaning techniques. Everyday at ResellerClub, our support team comes across several seemingly innocuous issues that could appear to be fixed by minor tweaks or suggestions – but are actually traces of an attempted hack. We take security very seriously and our staff are regularly trained to stay abreast of developments that could help identify any suspicious incidences that could…

In our previous Blog post, we informed you about hosting packages on our Linux Hosting environment being affected by Gumblar Attacks. Over the past few days, we have been investigating these attacks, and working on methods to mitigate the damage caused by them; our findings and recommendations are as follows: Through our investigations, it was confirmed that the infection was not due to any server vulnerability. We enforce stringent security measures to safeguard your data.…