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supersite 2

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You have signed up for a ResellerClub account and have got yourself a slick storefront in the form of the Supersite, or already have your custom storefront and have tied in with our back-end through API or WHMCS. Your business needs impetus, visibility and presence in the eyes of your potential customers and you can get that by targeting one of the biggest sources of traffic on the web – search engines. In fact, when…

Among the spate of new features being launched this month, we recently rolled out the much awaited Coupon Engine and new layouts for SuperSite 2. Coupon Engine – An all new way to Increase Revenue: The new Coupon Engine has been in the making for some time now and after months of development & testing, I’m delighted to introduce it to all of you. We’ve worked extensively on ensuring that the Coupon Engine is simple,…

Last week, we rolled out the new SuperSite to all our Resellers on the Global, Indian and UK programs. The response so far has been phenomenal, with a majority of our Resellers expressing interest in using SuperSite 2 as their primary storefront! If you’ve been following the conversation on our Uservoice channel (which you can access from your Control Panel) or Facebook and Twitter, you would probably know that we’ve been working on the new SuperSite…