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The numbers trickle in as we once again bring to you our statistics for the month of December. They are as follows: Reason For Suspension Domain Count Inaccurate whois 1430 Pharma 840 Co-network 835 Malware/Trojan/Virus 350 Spamming 153 Phishing 99 Financial / Escrow Fraud 87 Child Porn 47 Others 15 Total 3856 This will now be an ongoing process as part of our effort to bringing you these numbers on a monthly basis.

Our last article spoke about HostExploit’s review on our action against spam. As part of our ongoing efforts to combat spam and maintain our numbers we have put in place a list of domains suspended by us for indulgence in a number of malicious activities. The consolidated numbers for the month of October is as follows: Type Of Abuse Nos Suspended Pharma 1975 Inaccurate whois details 741 Phishing 304 Malware 239 Spam 129 Child Porn…