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Well, since you’re reading this, we’ve probably done a fine job of catching your attention. So you know you’re reading it from the right people! In the age of digital media with almost everything online and yes, groceries and pets too, it’s essential to tap the email marketing channel the right way. And how can email marketing possibly translate into anything big, you ask? A well composed email to the right audience can be the…

The following are Anti-Spam numbers for the month of June. Go ahead, check them out:   Total 1003 Types Of Abuse Nos. Suspended Inaccurate WHOIS Details 46 Malware 236 Rogue Internet Pharmacy 199 Spamming 89 Phishing 276 Financial Fraud 70 Escrow 7 Co-network 39 Child Porn 16 Fast Flux 14 Others 11

And we’re back ; after the success of our Spam Processing Webinar, a video of which will be uploaded for your reference shortly, here are the numbers for the Month of May; all yours for inspection!   Others 12 Types Of Abuse Nos. Suspended Inaccurate WHOIS Details 46 Malware Distribution 341 Rogue Internet Pharmacy 17 Spamming 970 Phishing & Financial Fraud 236 Pedophilic Content 7 Total 1629

Welcome to Part II of our revamped Email Hosting Product offering. Now we have to inform you that though we received great response for our single Email Hosting plan, we decided to take things one step further. We are now pleased to announce that the 500 Email accounts/package limitation has been done away with! You can now avail of Unlimited Email Accounts with 1 GB of storage space per account for the throwaway price…

Numbers for the month of April, up for your inspection right here: Escrow and Job Scams 9 Types Of Abuse Nos. Suspended Inaccurate WHOIS details 75 Malware / Trojan / Spyware 575 Rogue Internet Pharmacy 49 Spamming 954 Phishing 154 Child Porn 23 Financial Fraud 122 IRS Phishing Scam 34 Others 9 Total 2004

Thursday, 9th April: Online pharmacy verification service and Domain Name Registrar ResellerClub today announced some very promising results in their united effort against abusive domain name registrations. For several months, LegitScript and ResellerClub have been working together to identify and block domain names associated with rogue online pharmacies that were registered through ResellerClub. Their collaboration has resulted in thousands of rogue online pharmacies being shut down, largely over the past six months. LegitScript reports…

We’re back with numbers for the month of March this time round. Reason for Suspension Nos. Inaccurate WHOIS details 262 Phishing 161 Spam 657 Malware / Trojan / Spyware 325 Rogue Internet Pharmacy 187 Abusive Co-network 19 Copyright & Software Piracy 18 Child Porn 35 Escrow and Job Scams 12 Others 24 Total 1700 On a side note: Take a look at our previous Blog Article at what LegitScript had to say about our Compliance…

At ResellerClub, we have always tried to ensure that our services are not used for malicious purposes. In doing so, we have worked with some of the most respected organizations in the anti-abuse community to share intelligence and facilitate prompt action on problem domains. One such eminent organization that we collaborate with is, whose mission is to identify and expose illegal pharmacies on the Internet. Recently the LegitScript team shared with us some very…

Our February numbers are here; nice and early this time. I must say, our Compliance team has been really busy this month! Go ahead, check them out: Reason for Suspension Nos. Inaccurate whois details 4089 Phishing and Other Financial Scams 331 Spam 750 Malware / Spyware/ Virus 408 Rogue Internet Pharmacy 67 Abusive Co-network 70 Escrow Fraud 5 Child Porn 9 Others 33 Total 5752

As promised, we’re back yet again with our monthly numbers; this time for the month of January. They are as follows: Reason for Suspension Nos.  Inaccurate whois details 247 Phishing 181 Spam 179 Malware / trojan / Spyware 138 Rogue Internet Pharmacy 125 Abusive Co-network 83 Financial Fraud 60 Child Porn 29 Others 7 Do stay tuned for our active numbers every month.