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Data runs this world. Numbers are what help any businessman make sense of exactly how his concern is performing. Growth cannot be proven if there are no numbers suggesting the same. People place their faith in numbers, even though some agents might misuse numbers to state a point. Hard data is the lifeblood of business processes. And with the increasing abundance of data, it becomes all the more important to derive the right insights…

Smartphones are deeply connected with our lives. We use it to do things like call, use Facebook and Twitter, find directions using Maps, check the real-time weather, manage bank accounts, shop online and a lot more things. In short, for almost everything under the sun. Mobile application development in this regard is thus on the rise. Google Play Store and Apple App Store have a plethora of apps. On average, every idea usually has more…

Jekyll is an Open Source software written in Ruby which lets you create  static websites without having to install a web server  or a database. It is easy to install and perfect for building company blogs or stand alone websites. You can build static websites with components such as tags, templates, partials, permalinks etc with Jekyll. It’s important to note that Jekyll is not a blogging software and does not come with design elements or…