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social media marketing

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Influencer marketing is everywhere. Brands are using influencers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & all sorts of social media platforms. The original influencer marketing dates back to television ads (yes, I talk about it like I talk about dinosaurs). Influencers (back in the day) were celebrities in advertisements. Shah Rukh Khan for Lux, Saif Ali Khan for Lays, Roger Federer for Rolex, to name a few. Today, influencer marketing is not restricted to television. Neither is…

Social media is an inexpensive, great way to get you & your web design/ development service visibility to a large audience. While the big brands are ruling social media with huge budgets & expert advice, it may seem like there isn’t any more room. We assure you, there’s always space for more. Before we get into more detail on how you can use social media, let’s tell you how you can strategise by learning how to use…